Worlds nieuws

Treasurer Sonya Dean has been spearheading communications with Colombia laying the groundwork for three years of Worlds bids accepted:
2015 Peru (october)
2016 Cartagena Colombia
2017 Brant Beach YC, NJ USA.

Vice President Larry Mass continues to help orchestrate logistics with the Organizing Authorities of the Worlds and our manufacturers’ supply chain. Larry’s hard work was a large part of last years World’s success in North Carolina and we are fortunate to have him on the task. Rob Eberle, our Measurer, who’s done a fine job of interpreting our rules and keeping it all together at the Worlds often slips my thoughtful appreciation of the work he does in our undoubtedly least thankful of jobs. Sherri Campbell, our point of contact at One Design Management (ODM) and the Sunfish Class Office for ISCA and USSCA is in the early stages of our first full cycle of membership. We employ ODM’s experience and pool of resources so we may creatively reach our membership.