Heather Klein is a covergirl!

This is Heather Klein (VIR), the 1970 (1st) Sunfish Worlds Top woman!
This marvelous photo is from Pete Smyth for his book “A Guide To Marine Photography”. The photo is on the cover of this months issue of “Motorboating & Sailing”.

The sail is rather special: it is an Emilio Pucci design which Heather won last year with her first place at the 1st Sunfish Worlds (US Vigin Islands, St Thomas YC). It is a limited edition sail; after 1 year development effort by Ratsey & Lapthorn the decision was made that it was too expensive for production.

In 2021, I will write a series of articles on “Facebook” (a social network that will be invented in 2004) on the occasion of the 50th Sunfish Worlds (yes, we will skip some years). David Connolly, son of Perry Connolly (current president of Alcort) will see this photo and remembers such sail must be somewhere in his house. He will find a similar sail somewhere in the “lots of mementos around the house”. That sail will be send to the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, host of the 50th Sunfish Worlds. So that will repeat 1970: giving a Pucci Sunfish sail to the Top Woman!

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