Pan Am Games foto's

Op internet zijn fotos beschikbaar van de afgelopen Pan American Games trial. Daar stond een indrukwekkende wind. Lee Montes: The trials were a bit windy with big Great South Bay chop! 17-25 mph most of the time with gusts over 30… Derek Jackson (4th) broke his upper spar in a spectacular wipeout, and on the last day pitchpoled himself off his boat (and only lost one boat)… it was so windy Chris Williams, multiple major regatta winner, capsized and bent his spar………. while NOT SAILING, but adjusting his gooseneck! Dave Mendelblatt (sp?) all 140+ pounds of him also sailed with a reef and jens and sailed excellent to capture bronze… but 30 MPH winds didnt stop Paul Jon Patin from not Jens-ing and winning Silver, stating Ive never sailed with one… The reaches and runs were super fast and if you werent careful, the fish became a submarine and your cockpit instantly had 20 gallons of water in it. As for the reef (and I am no expert to say the least) The head of the sail was lowered (either by an uphaul or new rope) and the second grommet from the tack (cunningham hole) became the new tack, and lashed to where the S hook is… Congratulations to Paul Foerster for winning the Gold and good luck in Brazil!


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