Passing away, Ernest (Ernie) Kervel

It is with profound sadness that the International Sunfish Class Association notes the passing of Mr. Ernest Ernie Kervel of Oranjestad, Aruba. Ernie was President of ISCA from 1983-1984, a long time member of the ISCA World Council, and a Lifetime Member of the Class in honor of his outstanding leadership. Kervel chaired Sunfish Club Aruba, Arubas National Sunfish Class Association, for many years. Sunfish Club Aruba hosted the Sunfish World Championship three times: in 1974, 1980 and 1987. A Sunfish Club Aruba Member of Honor, Ernie was the driving force behind the organization of these World Class events. Over 100 Sunfish sailors from all over the world visited Aruba each time. While the Championship lasted one week, preparations typically started a year or more in advance. Ernie was an outstanding Class Ambassador, traveling across the world to race, support, and lead Sunfish Class events and Championships. Known for a bright wit, fondness for social hour, his warm smile, and hearty welcome no matter the venue, we pause today to remember, celebrate and share the wonderful experiences we enjoyed with him. May the wind remain strong and on the quarter, Ernie. Sail on!