Sunfish Worlds 2011 website

DIT is de website voor de Sunfish WK 2011.

  • my2fish Great job on the #Sunfish Worlds website!
  • Terry van Velzen This looks very neat .. TOP CLASS!
  • Paul-Jon Patin Your website is amazing.
  • Peter Czeisler Congratulations, great webpage!
  • Andrea Milla The event website is really amazing!! I love the event website, cared in each details, It’s a great job.
  • Rod Favela Thank you very much for such an excellent job! not easy, I know. Top quality, man.
  • Chad Coberly Wow this looks great! Thanks for all your work on this (cannot say I have been to a regatta yet that has put the pages together for the participants!
  • Brian McGinnis Your site looks great, very impressive.
  • Hetty Braat Beautifull website.
  • Barbara Branning Amazing website!
  • Marie Takarbessy Hats off to the extensive info. Nice to read!! Compliments for the speed, adjustments and presentation of the website.
  • Wouter Werkema Awesome web-site!
  • Robert-Jan Moons Thanks for all the work. This website looks very good
  • Havako Compliments for a really nice, fresh, fast and colorful website !!
  • Kurt Peterson Great work! hats off for keeping the website up to date
  • Wavedancer Thanks for keeping the homely ones updated. The website is fantastic
  • Ivan Aponte Toboas Deeply appreciated
  • Maarten Taams This sailing championship has nicest website I ever saw
  • Findlay I wish to congratulate the webmaster of this site. It is truly the very best regatta website I have ever seen. Well done to all who work so hard
  • Marie Takarbessy Great website !!!
  • Fons Excellent info, five-stars for the organisation and crew of this site
  • Gretchen Seymour Fabulous website! Thank you for all the photos and daily updates
  • Elisabeth Your Worlds website looks great!
  • Aleixo Dellagnelo Congrats for your wonderful good job regarding the competition follow-up through the website, it is fantastic and really interactive, despite distance, language and cultural differences your action have putted us all close together.
  • Chris Friend It was a pleasure to follow this event on this magnificent website. I wish I could have been there!
  • Job en Ria Mooi dat ik via de website alles kan volgen en foto’s van hem makkelijk kan vinden.
  • Marie Thanks for your quick updates. You are the best !!!
  • Alexandra Siebels hartstikke bedankt voor ALLES!! echt, geweldig. šŸ™‚
  • Chris Williams You have the best Worlds website ever, possibly of any sailing class – congratulations and thank you for putting on such an excellent event!!
  • Ben Griffin Having sailed my Sunfish in Curacao in the late 70s and taken part in the Worlds in Aruba in 1980 I have been following this years “Worlds” on the internet with a lot of interest. Amazing website, fantastically well organized and by the look of the photographs, some excellent winds.
  • Julia Brilliant website brought these championships alive to those who couldn’t be here in person
  • Jon Website was amazing. This site/format should be continued for all future worlds. I hope the class is paying attention.
  • Greet What a job you have made of it. Hats off!
  • Klaas Giliam Heel veel dank voor de fantastische webside en foto’s.Het was op 10.000km afstand of ik er zelf weer bij was.
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