Larry Mass nieuwe ISCA president

There’s not a THANK YOU big enough or kudos loud enough for the dedication, hard work and 110% support PJ has given to the International Sunfish Class. His years of service as President ended this term after many years of solving difficulties no other ISCA President has had to face. But PJ met the challenges head-on and persevered through those difficult challenges. That’s what makes him a World Champion on the race course and a World Champion in our hearts. We all benefited from his strength as a leader. And we have learned from those strengths – strengths we will use to carry on the wonderful traditions left by PJ and the many ISCA Presidents before him. No one knows the timeless hours/days/weeks PJ has devoted to his responsibilities as the ISCA President. He assures us, however, he will continue to work behind the scenes to help build the Sunfish Class.
We’ll definitely continue to see him on the race course. And watch for those youth sailors he’s mentoring and training to become champion sailors. Nicholas, PJ’s son, has already raced in many Sunfish regattas showing he’s on his way to becoming a World Class sailor like his Dad.
On behalf of all Sunfish Class members everywhere , “PJ, you will always be our champion … on land, on sea and in our hearts. Your dedication to the Sunfish Class was monumental. And we will be forever grateful and appreciative of you as a leader and of you as someone who is a shining example of why we’re a World Class organization.” .
Larry Mass profiel op