2017 Sunfish Worlds report

Alonso Collantes (PER) is er in geslaagd zijn wereldtitel te prolongeren. Met tamelijk veel overmacht [1-2-1-6-(10)-(17)-1-1-1-1-4-5] won hij in Brant Beach het WK voor Eugene Schmitt (USA) en Edgar Diminich (ECU). Beste dame was Gail Heausler (USA).

Two races were sailed the last day of the ISCA Worlds at the Brant Beach Yacht Club in NJ. Starting out with everyone snuggled in their warmest clothes in chilly 12-15 mph winds, the day did warm up. But the winds died down enough for the Race Committee to end up shortening the last race to make certain that at least two races were completed on this last day.

Preliminary race results show that Eugene Schmitt of the USA sailed smart and fast in some pretty fluky air in today’s races to capture the second place finish, a well-earned top spot for this New Orleans sailor. Edgar Diminich of Ecuador was the 3rd place finisher who kept paces with the top of the fleet every race. Clemente Sequel of Chile still managed to place 4th despite two unfortunate over-earlies when the U-flag was flying. But his never-give-up spirit prevailed! And David Hernandez of Guatemala  grabbed the 5th place spot with his consistent finishes and good sailing.

The end of this year’s ISCA World Championship leaves everyone with mixed emotions. Speaking for many, we are sad to leave this beautiful place and its welcoming and friendly people. These same welcoming people, on the other hand, will be happy to get back to their daily routines! Chairwoman Dori Jo Gugliemini knew just who to have helping her behind the scenes – such as keeping the troops fed and the races run. An insurmountable task but which was done so well! Think about it … Aug. 23 (Youth Worlds were started) thru Sept. 1 — preparing breakfast, lunches and dinners; providing race committee and support boat help for every race day, making sure there’s plenty of water for everyone, praying for perfect winds and sunshine … a World competition of this size couldn’t happen without the help and support of so many people who gave up their personal lives to be here every day. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

And a special thanks to PRO Paul Coward and his A-Team (committee boat, pin boat, windward mark boat, set-the-gate boats, finish boat, safety boats, etc.). The professionalism from everyone was so well-tuned. And the entertainment value was priceless! All of you … you are THE BEST!

Not to be forgotten are all the homeowners who opened up their homes to give the competitors free housing during their stay here at Brant Beach. You are so appreciated!

But, alas, we must leave this beautiful place with the hopes we can come back again someday.

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