Windward leg zomer 2018

De laatste editie van Windward leg bevat nogal wat informatie mbt de perikelen tussen de ISCA en LaserPerformance.
Oa ook het volgende mbt de WK op Boanire: “This brings me to my last agreement point. ISCA is working very hard to have a signed Charter Agreement for the World Championships
in Bonaire next year. We have extended the deadline to the Bonaire Sailing Associa on several times to enable them to
secure a charter boat agreement for 2019. There is an indication from LP that they plan to provide charter boats, however, without
a signed charter agreement by the World Council meeting in October the World Council will be forced to secure a different
venue for the 2019 World Championships. An announcement will be made after the World Championship.”
Windward_Leg_summer_2018 (PDF)